From a team of young professionals.....


DIGITAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS, a leading installation and service provider with its headquarters at Thanjavur, India founded in 2010 and registered as a trusted organization in 2016.From humble beginnings, the once two-man operation has grown into one of the most respected service provider earning the title of “THE TRUSTED PROVIDER”

DIGITAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS with its focus placed on hardware solutions has expanded its portfolio of services to include LAN & WAN, networking maintenance, support & service of RF & Microwave testing instruments,Biometrics,Custom LED Display solutions and trying to improve in working with a wide range of industrial required high quality products.

We are also providing technical demos and classes to engineering college students to face the competitive environment fulfilling the student needed stuff for a successful career.

DNS attracts and retains the best talents in the industry.Our philosophy involves working in close association with clients by understanding their specific needs and providing solutions that enable them to cope with the present day's competitive and volatile business environment.

Digital Network Solutions is specialized in providing various network integration solutions in Wired and Wireless Networking. We are also a leading consultant and complete solution provider in the field of Storage, Networking Security, Video Conferencing, Mail Server, Servers and Surveillance. Our expertise in each technology can be blended together to build the integrated system needed to compete today's market


  • Provide high-quality affordable solutions

  • Create and cultivate long term relationship with clients

  • Respond immediately to the changing needs of our clients

  • Achieve complete customer satisfaction

  • Improve our services continuously


To create an environment for continual improvement of quality in all our products, services and business areas and to create a work culture for individual excellence & innovations for making our presence significant in the domestic & international arena and pioneering in core & emerging Technologies.